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Innovative, shared, responsible.

Global Competitiveness

・Customized development services.
・Advantageous technology and quality.
・Branches in Russia, Spain, Turkey and USA.

Parent Company Founded in 2003
Sales to More than 50 Countries
Certified for Different Markets
OVER 100 International Patents

Home is the warmest harbor. From the moment of establishment in 2005, MIZUDO has been committed to providing heating and hot water supply equipment that meets international quality standards for millions of families. We not only take into account bold and elegant design ideas, but also incorporate ergonomic technology into products, and strive for product safety, easy installation and ease of use.

In these years, MIZUDO developed rapidly, has built reliable partnerships with lots of wholesale and retail trading companies, whose products are well-sold in Russia and CIS countries. After continuous hard work and innovation, and with the recognition and support of consumers, MIZUDO has already ranked Top 5 in Russian.

As for MIZUDO, there are no insoluble tasks in creating comfort at any spatial scale, our main goal is to keep your comfort at the highest level. We look forward to your exploration with us!



Parent company, POWTEK International Holding Company was established.


ISO9001/ 14001 certification.


MIZUDO was established.
2016 –Gas water heater export recorded No.1 in China.


Gas Boiler export recorded No.1 in China.


MIZUDO has already ranked top 5 in the Russian market.

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